There’s an interesting occurrence that takes place sometimes in film and TV land.  There are times where you will see a lesser-known actor or actress show up in almost anything, anywhere, and usually all around the same time.  It generally says something about their staying power onscreen or their ability to just be available for any project that comes their way.  In most cases, it ends in said actor getting better work and becoming more popular in this biz.  This series will highlight said actors and actresses, mainly because it always fascinates me when it happens.

First up, a fine British gent by the name of Mark Sheppard.

I chose Mr. Sheppard first for a couple of reasons.  One, he’s the guy I currently see popping up in almost everything I’m watching right now.  Two, the Brit exudes a charm and charisma in every role I’ve seen him in so far, from a demon bent on ruling hell to a no-nonsense overseer in charge of a secret organization to an American Secret Service Agent.  He can chew television scenery like Chunk in an ice cream cooler (pre-stiff reveal).  On top of that, his growly drive-way voice coupled with a wry Brit wit and corresponding accent is enough to make women swoon and CHUD bloggers question their sexual orientation…


Anyway, the fact is that Sheppard is certainly an actor that I enjoy watching work his mojo in anything he pops up in.  Though he’s not the kind of actor that can disappear into any role, he instead knows how to take a character and make it his.  With fervour.  For that reason, among others, Mark Sheppard is definitely an actor to keep an eye out for.

Where he’s been:

Silk Stalkings (remember that show!?)
Soldier of Fortune, Inc
Battlestar Galactica

Where he’s at:

Warehouse 13
Doctor Who

Career High(s):

Doctor Who
Magalodon (depending on your point of view)

Career Low(s):

M.A.N.T.I S.
Megalodon (depending on your point of view)


His father – W. Morgan Sheppard – is also an actor and has been seen on TV on shows like seaQuest DSV and Quantum Leap.  The elder Sheppard just recently played the old man version of the younger’s character on Doctor Who.

Career Outlook:

High.  Might not be able to make it outside television and DTSYFY movies, but he’s going to keep getting work, getting juicier and juicier roles as time goes on.  Definitely has the potential to have his own series.  Just needs to be a tight script with great writing that focuses on his strengths as an actor – i.e., showering panache and charisma everywhere as a growly anti-hero or seedy protagonist.