There’s something bizarre about the fourth outright X-Men film containing a scene that focuses on the dazzling spectacle of a blue chick turning into another person, but I’ll give Matthew Vaughn credit- in the clip below it seems to work.

Coming from Yahoo! this clip shows Professor X speaking with a group of CIA officials. It’s a fun scene, and continues to convince me that this mutant origin story might actually avoid being tired and redundant, even if I’m still skeptical there’s a thematic backbone worth hanging said story on. Have a look…


I still feel like Jennifer Lawrence looks unnatural (in a poorly designed way, not an icky way) as Mystique, as they’ve forced her face and body into a design that was not engineered for her. She’s inherited the very intimate costume (again, design, not the actual prosthetics obviously) of someone else, and she just looks like Jennifer Lawrence at costume party. It’s something I’m sure I’ll get over, but I was hoping I already would have by now.

What do you guys think? They’re pushing this flick hard- have any of these clips moved you?

Thanks as always to Brian Henne!

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