We never thought it would happen, but news of the Twisted Pictures/Nu Image (a company I proudly used to work for) reboot of the Texas Chainsaw franchise has been picking up serious steam. Bloody-Disgusting has been reporting tidbits over the last few days, but this morning they revealed the basic set-up of Leatherface 3D — a hot chick and some nubile pals drive out to Texas to collect her inheritance. The twist? Leatherface is part of the deal.

Though I am disappointed that the “urban” Chainsaw adventure we were promised seems to have been abandoned for the same basic formula, this goofy concept does have some potential. It raises an important question though; since this is purportedly to take place in the modern day and be a direct sequel to the ’74 film, does this mean that the hot chick is inheriting a geriatric Leatherface? In my version of the film, she’d inherit a taxidermied Leatherface that she then tries to offload at local pawn shops and thrift stores, invoking the wrath of cannibalistic thrifters, ’cause as we all know, everyone in Texas is a cannibal. They could call it The Texas Thriftstore Massacre, which would work out well because I don’t think they own the rights to the title The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sadly, I think we’ll be seeing something a little more pedestrian from Leatherface 3D.

The film has five credited writers, one of whom wrote and directed Jason Goes To Hell, is to be directed by a guy named John Luessenhop and is apparently going to start shooting this summer in the sweltering Louisiana heat.