Shit’s already pulled down, will update with something legit as soon as it’s available.

Fuck a definitive sounding title*: The Final Destination made money, so onward with the franchise! A UK trailer has slipped out for the film and…. it looks exactly like a Final Destination! There’s a creepy all-seeing-all-knowing-black-man element present, and David Koechner leaving the earth in black face, but ultimately it’s an assemblage of gags that will make the gore-hounds laugh, and the date-nighters wince. Laser eye surgery gone awry (that industry will suffer for about a week-and-a-half after the release), a bridge disaster, and a nice, silly little nod to The Audition seem to all be in the cards.

This looks like another cute little horror amusement park ride, but will anyone have time for the thin thrills of a Final Destination this summer? Who knows, maybe FD will pull a Fast/Furious and blow-up with its fourth sequel (unlikely). As we revealed in the last video wrap-up though, you might want to save your dollars for a better little horror movie that FD shoved out of its original date…

Going back to the trailer, there’s surprisingly not a huge push of the 3D element, which may be because it’s a UK trailer, or because someone just forgot. Dunno, but they definitely shot in the format during their Vancouver-based production.

Despite a bullshit “Official Release” title, this trailer isn’t exceedingly high-quality or official, so keep an eye out for an update when the clip (an American version of which premieres today on Attack of the Show, I believe).

(via /Film)

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*also: Fuck a hook.