Here’s a quick still from Cogan’s Trade that’s making its way around. Brad Pitt is slicked back, looking concerned, but wielding a piece that means business. I’ve held and shot one of those before, and I can say that there are few weapons as badass as a streamlined, black pistol-grip shotgun.

Pitt is starring in the first film from Andrew Dominik since The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford quietly fought for the title of “Best of the Year” in a year full of Children of Men‘s and There Will Be Blood‘s and No Country For Old Men‘s. The haunting beauty of that film has endured, and he has once again assembled a group of collaborators that defines awesome. Pitt, Liotta, Gandolfini, Jenkins, Shepard… one can only hope “Cave” will get added to that list as the film enters post.

Of course, there’s also no “Deakins” on the team (a critical component of that particular exploration of the western landscape), but Dominik is working with a talented, younger cinematographer named Greig Fraser (Let Me In), so expect a gorgeous film all the same.

The people involved are enough to make me shit, but the story of a coldly efficient Irish-mob enforcer cleaning up after a mafia poker game gets hit sounds just about perfect. This is one of those films that I really don’t want to think too much about. It doesn’t hit until 2012, and the more I focus on it, the more difficult that wait will be to endure. That said, we’ll be getting more news as a composer is announced, more stills emerge, and a trailer hits. We’ll keep you up to date.

ScreenDaily (via Collider)

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