This gives me hope.

Now I can resume praying by might nightstand for a line of Barfly action figures as well as the action playset for The Accused.

There is a toy line coming for Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic The Warriors.

I’m not just doing this news item as an opportunity to crack silly toy jokes. I think it’s cool. Really cool. The film is a bit dated, but still a great bit of fun and there’s something really right about a toy line being created for a film like The Warriors. Perhaps now my The Philadelphia Experiment lunchbox will arrive and I can use it to cart around my collection of variant Julian Po figurines.

Here’s the press release from Mezco on the release. I’m reprinting it in its entirety because this is the web and text is cheap.

The Warriors™ Come out to plaaa-ay

New York City, New YorkMezco Toyz, the “koolectible toy company” announces it has acquired the rights to the Paramount cult movie classic “The Warriors”. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the movie, some very exciting things are happening with this license. Mezco Toyz will create a five-figure assortment of some very cool action figures, these figures rock dead-on likeness, plenty of “attitude articulation” and tons of accessories. The figures will be packaged in a stylish and collector friendly clamshell package that can be J hooked or shelf displayed. Famed video game developer, Rock Star Games, will be releasing a hot new video game based on the same property. Both the figures and video game are slated for release in Spring 2005.

The Warriors storyline takes place at night, underground, in the sub-culture of gang warfare that rages from Coney Island to Manhattan to the Bronx. Filled with tons of action, vibrant characters and timeless attitude. The movie will translate perfectly into some of 2005’s hottest action figures and a rockin’ video game.

The product line up is as follows for series 1:

  • Swan: Affiliation- Warriors. Rank- War chief. Accessories- Bowie knife, Switchblade, lead pipe and spray can.
  • Cleon: Affiliation- Warriors. Rank- War chief. Accessories- Nunchucks, rumble chain and spray can.
  • Cochise: Affiliation- Warriors. Rank- soldier. Accessories- Molotov cocktail, wooden board with nails and spray can.
  • Baseball Fury: Affiliation- Baseball Furies. Rank- unknown. Accessories- baseball bat and broken baseball bat.
  • Luther: Affiliation- Rogues. Rank- Unknown. Accessories- handgun, broken bottle and alternate hand with bottles on fingers (from famous end of movie scene).

Can you DIG IT!?

About the cult classic

The place is New York City, and the streets are owned by the gangs of New York. These are the Armies of The Night. They are 100,000 strong. They outnumber cops five to one. They could rule New York. Tonight they’re all out for the Warriors.

Set in a hostile, nocturnal world of neon-lit train stations, baseball-bat-wielding gang members and lethal, gun-toting women, "The Warriors" moves along at a frenetic pace. Every gang from New York’s five boroughs attend a massive meeting deep in the South Bronx. The agenda: the Gramercy Riffs have a plan to unite the feuding gangs and control the streets of New York. But something goes terribly wrong, the Warriors are wrongly accused of the assassination of the Riff’s charismatic leader, Cyrus. Now the Warriors must battle their way back to their home turf in Coney Island. Rumbling from the Bronx down to Brooklyn, the Warriors encounter opposition at every turn.

Periodically, a movie emerges that appeals to mature and younger audiences and defines a generation. Walter Hill’s 1979 street gang epic is one such film. With the era of the love child long gone, and Disco on the decline, the film summed up the fears and frustrations of the seventies youth. "The Warriors" deals with subjects that any teenager can relate to, such as the pressures of fitting in, camaraderie, and dealing with authority. Walter Hill made his directing debut with "The Warriors", a movie that treads the line between fantasy and urban reality. When the film was released, it was a major success. In the wake of the "The Warriors" success, other films have taken inspiration from it, such as Bronx Warriors, Class of 1984 and even Escape From

New York.

I’m less thrilled about the mention of a Rockstar game on the film. Their last attempt at something like this was State of Emergency, a game that a lot of Grand Theft Auto 3 owners bought out of respect and returned out of neccessity. It was druid shit.

But, at least my line of Deadly Friend Hummels will be made now.

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