I’ve already bitched about how atrocious the print advertising for X-Men: First Class, and I remain baffled that Fox PR really just can’t get a handle on this shit. Look at this thing:

I was recently in a private screening facility in Atlanta, where they were displaying one of those silhouette embarrassments as a legitimate one-sheet and it looks even worse in person. Apparently Fox wanted the poster back, so it can’t be fully beyond them that they’re not representing themselves well in the imagery department.

Regardless, the stuff that matters –footage, that is to say– continues to look surprisingly sharp. There’s a very heavy “pulling together the team” tone to everything so far- the kind of thing that recalls a heist film. It looks like Matthew Vaughn is having as much or more fun with variety of powers these characters have as any director to yet tackle the franchise. McAvoy is consistently strong, and all of the supporting players look to have been keenly cast.

There are three new featurettes that explore specific characters: Beast, Havok, and Banshee. They’re well cut, and seem like they would do well as TV spots- there’s enough specific character and material to be compelling without giving an overly-spoilery view of the entire plot. Good stuff.

Enjoy them, and wonder how the wealth of poster-making talent out there continues to elude Fox’s human resources department.

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