When I was around 11 years old, my older brother was living in the basement. He joined the military and left, so in turn, I moved all my stuff into the basement and took his room. The first night I slept down there I was fine. The 2nd however, not so fine. I turned off the light and hit the bed. JUST hit the bed. The room was completely pitch black, like, couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face even when your eyes adjusted. So anyway, I was laying there and not even 2 minutes later I heard a voice directly in my ear. It was a deep voice but loud and clear and it said (and God knows why) the word "CRACK". My first reaction was my eyes opened really wide. Then I was paralyzed with fear for a good minute or so until I finally whipped the covers off of me and ran upstairs to my parents room. The room was completely dark down there but I ran like I could see perfectly. I was so terrifed. Needless to say I moved all my stuff back upstairs after that. My parents thought I was watching too many movies, you know, the usual cliched parents thing when you’re a kid.

Anyhow, the 2nd experience. I was sitting in the same basement playing a video game. I heard my mother upstairs call my name. "David!" So I paused my game and went upstairs and she was sitting in the living room. I said, "yes mom?" She looked at me and said, "what?" "You called me?" I said. "No I didn’t." ok….so I headed back downstairs thinking nothing of it, until it happened again. "David…" So I went back upstairs and said, "mom, are you playing tricks on me?" btw, my mother is not the type to do anything like that. But she didn’t know what I was talking about. So….back downstairs I go. Then it happened again. Only this time it sounded like this…."DAVID!!!!!!!!" Like, it yelled at me. I ran up the stairs and sat with my mom and never told her what happened.

3rd incident. My brother, the one I told you about that moved, came home for a visit with his wife. She and I were the only ones home at the time and we were playing cards in the dining room. She asked me to get her a drink, so I went to the closet and grabbed a warm soda and brought it back to her. She said, "thank you". Then right after I heard a voice in the living room kiddy corner from where we were which was walled in and it said, "thank you." in a very deep, stern and heavy set voice. She looked at me and said, "holy crap did you hear that???!!!" I nodded and she grabbed my hand and we both went into the living room to check it out. Nothing was there, nobody to be found, the windows closed, the stereo and television off. We just threw our shoes on and took off somewhere outside and waited for everyone else to get home.

To this day I tell those stories to people and it gives them the shivers. Ever since I moved from there I’ve never had another experience such as that. You can believe what you will but it happened to me and I’ll bring it to my grave. Something was in that house.

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