The directors of the dramatic re-creation hit Catfish are going to direct Paranormal Activity 3, according to the folks at Bloody-Disgusting. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are bringing their considerable skill at faking a documentary to fake spooky found footage of invisible demons dragging people around their homes.

If I was a Paranormal Activity fan, I’d say this is cause for celebration. These guys are smart young talent, and Catfish, despite being hazy in its verisimilitude (I think it was quite obviously re-versed engineered to a considerable degree) is a fascinating account of the age we live in. Unfortunately, I find the Paranormal Activity franchise to be a one-and-done concept, and the films, while enjoyable on first viewing in a “Boo! Scared you!” sort of way, have zero re-watchability. I don’t understand how anyone can enjoy the long stretches of prosaic boredom before something spooky happens more than once. At least the Saw films had their labyrinthine continuity to keep fans engaged over multiple viewings.

Anyway, Paramount better get on it soon if they’re going to make the coveted Halloween release date. There is a script, so if these guys can knock it out quick, it should be fine. I for one would like to see the series veer away from the upper-class suburbs into a more urban environment, an Activity In Da Hood if you will. But no one’s listening to me.