After becoming stereotyped as a smug jerk, Bradley Cooper has decided to go all the way, and become the ultimate asshole: Lucifer.

According to Variety,  Cooper is in talks to play Satan in Alex Proyas’ adaptation of Paradise Lost.

Of course, this is Legendary Pictures’ version of Paradise Lost, which means it will have very little in common with John Milton’s epic poem.  Variety describes it as “the story of the epic war in heaven between archangels Michael and Lucifer, including the latter’s role in Adam and Eve’s fall from grace. Pic will be crafted as an action vehicle that will include aerial warfare, possibly shot in 3D.”

To be fair, that is the story every one thinks is  Paradise Lost — and it is, it’s just not the majority of the poem — when in reality it’s The Fall of Man which offers less opportunity for 3D and aerial warfare.  It’s really just a lot of talk, sensuous flowers, and a friendly snake. (Incidentally, did you know most people’s conception of Heaven, Hell, Adam, Eve and religion in general actually comes from Milton?  For a poem few have read except in upper level English, it’s really invaded the Christian consciousness.)

Cooper is said to be eager to do it, and wants to enter official negotiations as soon as possible.   I certainly hope he dodges The Crow for this.   Milton’s Lucifer is one of the all time great antiheroes of English poetry, and while Cooper hasn’t done anything quite that seething, anguished, and bombastic, it would be fun to see him try.     Satan was “the most beautiful of all the angels in heaven” and Cooper’s nothing-but-trouble blue eyes would lend themselves perfectly to the part.