A new bundle of photos from the The Amazing Spider-Man set have been unleashed today, and they show the stunning site of a true-blue stunt guy flying through the air Spidey style. This is already leading to great proclamations about how amazing it is that these effects are being achieved with real stunts rather than CGI, even though that’s a terribly premature call. Who knows how much these shots will figure into the actual film, and it’s certainly true that whatever is shot, stunt guy or not, is going to be digitally enhanced out the asshole.

Still, it’s admittedly nice to see a guy on a cable risking his life for practical stunts, and hopefully this is at least an indication that the weightless digital camera movement and smeared, pixely spectacle that has grown so eye-glazing in recent years will be avoided by director Marc Webb and his team.

Last week also brought a minor picture of Ryhs Ifans completely hooded, with the slightest hint of green scales under a suspicious looking mask. It’s worth posting along with these other pictures, even if by itself it’s merely an indication of what we can already assume.

At this point it’s beginning to feel a little bit like this movie needs to be well in the can, but I guess that’s the over-saturated feeling that comes from such an easily spied upon shoot. There’s still well over a year before this film gets released, so don’t get too excited… long way to go. But I have to ask… are there many that are extremely excited about this film? In a year where superheroes are finally branching out, crossing over, and traveling the cosmos, something about this street-level reboot fails to excite, even with the promise of the long teased Lizard. Perhaps that speaks to superhero spectacle having crossed some new plateau, as none of the promised action gets me jonesed. What I’m saying is that I can’t imagine this film offering anything that would work out on a purely action/excitement level, and I can only hope that there’s a good story ready to be told by an interesting filmmaker at the core of this. That’s the only scenario I can picture with a worthwhile outcome.

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Source | Daily Mail (via ScreenRant)