I was watching Overnight Delivery (shit movie, but Paul Rudd still manages to be awesome) on cable late last night while trying to fall asleep, and several of the commercial breaks featured a particularly entertaining ad. It went something like this:

“Would you like to go from looking like this…

…to looking like this…”

…without putting forth any effort at all?”

At first I assumed the ad was for some Lipozene-esque pill, and I started to tune out. And then they revealed that the secret to being thin is to wear the New Girdle Body Shaper. The commercial says you can appear to have lost 20 pounds INSTANTLY. That’s right. INSTANTLY.

So here’s my question: what if the woman in the above pictures wore this thing on a regular basis and then started dating some guy who didn’t know she was hiding that stuff under her shirt. And what if one night they decided to go back to his place to have sex? Can you imagine how awkward that would be?

For those women who want to find out just how awkward that can be, you can buy one of these things here.