casDoug Liman’s new show for NBC – Heist – now has a lead in the person of Dougray Scott, a guy with two names but three first names. Blows my mind.

Scott, who is a member of the If I Had That Role I Could Have Been A Lot More Famous club with almost-Aragorn Stuart Townsend, will play the mastermind of a group of thieves who are trying to hit three Beverly Hills jewelry stores simultaneously on Oscar Night. The show will follow their plans throughout the series, with the actual heist taking place at or near the finale.

Other crooks include Seymour Cassel (who did not rape Jennifer Aniston, although I am leaving that typo in my Derailed review as it is too funny), Reno Wilson (cover name for Remo Williams?!?) and Marika Dominczyk.

NBC has ordered the pilot and five scripts, but this seems like the kind of show that needs a full season guarantee to really be anything.