**Note: I’ve gotten two more corroborating emails saying that yes Guy Pearce is in the flick.

Prometheus looks to be the most unmissable film of 2012. It has the potential to vitalize the most wonderful [and judging from most of the recent films misused] sci-fi series around and with Ridley Scott at the helm and seemingly aggressively making his first big genre stamp in a long time it’ll at least be intriguing. It’ll be amazing, that’s my guess. Fassbender. Elba. Amazing. Rapace… the jury is still out. Theron, case by case. But Fassbender and Elba are masters. And I just got an email sent to me from someone going by the name Brain Blessed that purports this juicy potential:

Guy Pearce. In an Alien movie. If true, what an amazing possibility. I have had the privilege of watching the man act and seen the Blue Collar work ethic he brings (ie: driving himself to set, being there early, and forging friendships with everyone) and as anyone whose seen his work on the big screen can attest: He improves anything he’s associated with.

Here’s an excerpted clip from the email, with some things changed to protect:

Evening Nick, my mate is working on Prometheus as OMITTED and met Guy Pierce on set today. She’s previously worked on OMITTED, OMITTED and OMITTED and I’ve no reason to believe she’s lying. I’ve not read anywhere about Guy being cast so thought it might interest you.

Look, I don’t know the emailer. It could be a huge ball of bullshit. It could be a joke.

But it could be true and it could be amazing. I’ve got some feelers out to see if we can get hard evidence but for now cross your fingers and remember where you heard it first.