I never actually thought we’d get to a seventh Harry Potter movie, let alone an eighth.

In fact, I was a negative nancy who didn’t think there would be anything beyond book 4.   Remember how long it took for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? Maybe it was just my bookstore that had conspiracy theories about there never being another, but I know I was beginning to believe them.

But that’s the books.  Who thought Warner Bros would actually manage to get all seven made into movies with the same cast (save one) and production values?  And they kept on schedule. There’s been no massive gaps between them, no loss of quality.  It’s crazy. Even if you loathe Harry Potter, you have to admit it’s quite a feat.

I ramble because come on, what is there to say?  You’re either on board with this series, or you’re not, and it’s now over. The last one is here.

The trailer premiered tonight on Apple, and it’s a stunner.    It definitely looks like they upped the ante from the books — the battle of Hogwarts is full of explosions and corpses — and Harry and Voldemort aren’t content to face one another in the Forbidden Forest. They leap into the abyss.  It is the last film, and they did skimp on the showdown in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, so it is to be expected.

There’s a little scene towards the end that made me get quite teary.  The death toll mounts in this one, and if you’ve never read the books, one will be spoiled right in the trailer.  It was the only one that made me cry while reading, and the one (besides poor Hedwig) I still curse Ms. Rowling for.

Check out the trailer on Apple, and Apparate back over with complaints about that Harry and Voldemort plunge.