Hi. I’m Sebastian. Sebastian OB on the boards. I’ll be posting news articles around these parts. This news is a few days old, but maybe you missed it. Anyway, I wanted my first post to be about Prometheus, so that’s the deal.

There’s been a lot of prognosticating about what Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s purported (or not) Alien prequel will be. Will it be set in the Alien universe? Will it feature Space Jockeys and Xenomorphs? Will it feature a digitally de-aged, re-bearded Tom Skerritt? (I made that last rumor up, sorry.)

Well, word is gradually leaking from the sets at Pinewood studios, and Xenomorphs (wearing blue body suits, but Xenomorphs none the less) have appeared eating what is sure to be the finest of craft services, Michael Fassbender has confessed to being a milk-infused android and there is reportedly what seems to be a huge, Space Jockey sized set. You can get all the details here, at AlienPrequelNews.com, a site that seems to be following this production closer than a facehugger on John Hurt. Some of these reports may just be chestbursting in the wind, but one thing seems clear to this reporter – this will, in fact be a prequel to Alien. Sort of.

Here’s the thing – all of this doesn’t seem all that mysterious to me. I won’t be so arrogant as to say I know for sure what the plot of Prometheus will be, but I guarantee you it won’t be a bunch of people being picked off one by one by an alien or aliens. The title alone suggests something grander, and I’m willing to bet that while Xenomorphs of a type will be present, they won’t be the thrust of the story, but a part of a bigger idea. The real question is if that idea is any good. I have my hopes. I also have my fears, but so far, I don’t see any real cause to be negative. Ridley seems inspired, and I’d rather see something maybe a little crazy and inspired than some sort of by-the-numbers prequel. One thing I know for certain – it’ll be a step up from Alien Vs Predator Requiem For a Dream.