I hesitate to report this because it’s really just a repeat of Latino Review’s scoop from earlier this month. But since a lot of outlets are running with this as a “done deal” kind of thing (not that numbers=accuracy), I guess we’ll rerun it too, and see if there’s an upset.

Deadline is reporting that Universal has officially picked Jeremy Renner to be the new Bourne-but-not-really for Tony Gilroy’s The Bourne Legacy.

Even so, Deadline is still only reporting that Renner has been offered the role, which isn’t any different than what LR said, although they say Renner is expected to sign.  Still, it would appear that the role is Renner’s and only a major schedule upheaval or clash of creative differences would change that.

I’m surprised Renner is into the idea.    He has two possible franchises going right now — Mission: Impossible and The Avengers — and it was reported that he was being primed to take over M:I.   Does it say something about the direction of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol that Renner is looking to cover his bases with another spy-oriented thriller?   Perhaps Cruise is unwilling to give up the lead on that just yet, or it’s turning out to be Josh Holloway’s gig.  Or Renner is just pulling a Christian Bale, and scooping up every damn “icon” he can, even if this technically isn’t the Jason Bourne.   I think he’s in danger of pigeonholing himself before he’s really become a recognizable name.

But then again, we all know what the comments thought of my judgment last time, so I don’t need to waste any more paragraphs. (ETA: Actually, that’s not fair. We had a fantastic conversation in the forums about why we always see the same “type” in a movie.  So, I take back the cranky.)