’t cheat on your loved one. Seriously. Even if you don’t really love them. You know, just opt out of the situation before doing that deed.

This was a public service message from common sense.

Derailed is a film about a philanderer and philandress essayed by the terrific Clive Owen and lovely Jennifer Aniston (each moment of tabloid space they devote to her makes me hate People Magazine that much more) who are blackmailed and must deal with the dangerous person behind the act or see their families destroyed and not just emotionally. The lithe and lucky Vincent Cassell co-stars as well as The RZA and long lost 80’s staple Tom Conti.

I have a stack of passes for Atlanta folks who are interested in seeing this film on November 10th here in town. I also need an emissary to distribute the passes at the theater (Parkway Pointe) there as I will be unable to attend. Winning entries will be given an email two days prior with details.

If you’d like to see this film (from the Weinstein’s new company!) before the rest of society, please use the link below and include your name and address just in case.