SPOILERS & never-before-seen footage WARNING:

Magnet Releasing recently ran a contest where Jason Eisener, writer and director of Hobo With a Shotgun would answer three fan questions and disburse various Hobo-themed swag to the winners.  The contest is now over, the questions were picked and answered by Eisener and David Brunt, the original Hobo in the trailer that got the whole thing started.  You can check out Eisener and Brunt over at YouTube or in the clip below.  But beware, there’s been a Plague sighting and HUGE SPOILERS and never-before-seen footage are definitely afoot.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, probably best to just move along, see the flick, then come back.  My esteemed colleague, Alex Riviello and I both agree, the film’s a gas, so you’ll be glad you did.

Hobo With A Shotgun is now available at iTunes and Magnolia On-Demand and in theaters starting May 6th.

Did I mention there be SPOILERS and never-before-seen footage?


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