Deep Gold is hitting screens next Friday, April 22nd. It is a B-movie, but not the typical kind we’re used to having on theater screens. A throwback to the late night 80’s action flicks, Deep Gold is a cynicism free mixture of babes, bullets, and mustache-twirling bad guys. Imagine Andy Sidaris with a budget and more pizazz.

Did I mention it’s in 3-D?

Here’s the thing. Deep Gold is co-written, produced by, directed by, and co-starring Michael Gleissner. Who’s Michael? He’s a self-made man who has taken his wealth and parlayed it into his passion. He’s built Bigfoot Entertainment, a one stop shop for making movies. In the Phillipines they are king. A film school. A film studio. And much more. We at CHUD have worked with these guys for a year and their reach is incredible. Michael’s approach to filmmaking is very refreshing and regardless of whether or not Deep Gold is your type of movie, it’s great to see someone operating wholly outside the studio system and making it work. Many years were spent building this idea and Michael shot a lot of film making it happen. He made mistakes, learned from them, and over the course of the production used and involved their film school and created a movie that has evolved into the polished old school flick evidenced in this trailer:

That is so not an American action movie.

I hope to over the course of the coming weeks and months begin to share some of what Bigfoot and Michael are planning. Deep Gold is the tip of the iceberg. They have some really big plans, but I dig being able to share an independent movie like this. It’s a pretty big (especially for the Phillipines) movie and the fact it’s not some cry for attention indie film warms my heart. It is literally what the trailer portrays: a straightforward and unpretentious action romp. With hot dames. Michael is not shy about his ladies:

Call me a shill if you want but it’s fun to be peripherally involved with something like this. I love that Deep Gold was able to happen and it reminds me that you don’t have to play by the rules to live your dreams, which is definitely something I subscribe to. I plan to bring some more insight into Michael and his approach to filmmaking soon but for now some links:

Deep Gold official site.

Deep Gold $5,000 in gold contest.

Behind the Scenes featurettes.




P.S. – I just saw my little blurb on the ad. Awesome.