Let me go ahead and say it: I’m excited about this movie. I have heard the horror stories and the fearmongering and all that jazz and I simply don’t care. I like the look of the movie. I like the casting. I like the idea of Branagh directing. And here’s a little scoop:

This kind of negative pre-release internet gossip is almost always heavily influenced by people with sour grapes or who are desperate for attention. Screw ’em.

Thor looks like a lot of fun. Bottom line. You know you want to see it. A big muscular dude with a hammer. Giant robots. Gods kicking each other’s ass. Natalie Portman. You want to see it. And you want to see it early. For free. With us.

So, here’s how. I have a bunch of tickets (good for 2) for folks in the cities below. Here’s how to get in the running:

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4. Thor’s hammer is his mighty, all-powerful tool of destruction. What’s yours?

Use the link below, leave your real name and answer all four questions and you’ll be in the running.