I think I actually got choked up watching this.  Here I thought my days of obsessive LOTR fandom were over — and I don’t mean that I reversed my opinion on the films or anything.  It’s as if we’d been married awhile, and my passion settled into just a happy fondness.

The first little notes of Concerning Hobbits, playing as Peter Jackson actually walks around Bag End…oh man.   It’s just wonderful.  It’s finally happening, and I was one of those who snarked and bitched that it wouldn’t.

And yet there is Martin Freeman in rehearsals, the perfect Bilbo, bustling after the dwarves carrying an axe and looking as baffled as I always pictured.  There they are, sitting round the table,  Freeman (clearly in hobbit mode) noting there will be a “roaring fire” there.  I can almost taste the seed cakes…

I can’t wait. I am officially excited.  I held it off as long as I could, but now I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  And I won’t post any doubt or criticism, because there’s time for that, and I want to just revel in this little moment.

The video was posted on Jackson’s Facebook. I’m going to attempt to embed it here, but it might not work, so use that link as a back-up.