We couldn’t have been happier here at CHUD with the response to the first two CHUD Video podcasts. Now we return with the second official CHUD Show: Video Podcast, entitled “Jurgen Prochnow, Hooray!”

While Episode #1 was a distinctively refined and upgraded experience from Episode #0, we think you’ll find Episode #2 is more of an addendum to the previous entry. While there are definitely improvements, it’s a shorter piece that continues to experiment with format. Episode #2 clocks in at 33 minutes, and it includes, a full music video, a new Drive-In commercial, all cut among the gentleman-based conversation you’re used to. You’ll also find an extra special teaser of Nick’s Breaking Bad set report and interviews, in the form of a puppet-show recreation of some moments he shared with star Bryan Cranston.

So while we still haven’t perfected the show, I think this latest podcast still has some of the best stuff yet. As I mentioned in our last Friday Wrap-Up, it’s safe to say this is the Quantum of Solace of CHUD video podcasts, with all that entails.

We’re still looking for comments, feedback, suggestions, bitching, and outright fellatio, so make sure your voice is heard in the comments and on the boards once you’ve watched this new show. Episode #1 has reached nearly 1400 magical views, which is more than double the views Episode #0 accumulated, so despite the two-part video set-up we’re hoping for a similar upswing this time around as well. Help us out by spreading the word- comment, tweet, Facebook share, YouTube Share, the works. Every little bit helps, and we’re counting on chewers to help us get this in front of eyeballs. It’s tough to sacrifice the time and energy it takes to put these out into the world, and we can only do so if we know people are watching!

Also, HUGE THANKS to Andrew Hawkins for rocking and rolling on Boom Mic for this episode. I’m a giant asshole who left him out of the credits, so make sure you thank him on the boards or on twitter!

Discussed in this episode:

Source Code
Breaking Bad
The Boy Who Could Fly
Men In Black

and many many more.

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