Hi Chewers, this is week number 2 of still-in-beta Friday Video Wrap-Up segment. We’re still taking title suggestions (with a prize for the winner), still testing out the format, and still gathering ideas. This week’s episode pretty much resembles last week’s, so we remain open to suggestions and feedback in the comments and on the boards.

Have a look and enjoy!

So what’s dicussed in this episode?

Born To Be Wild
Your Highness

M. Night Shyamlan & Will Smith
Attack The Block

The forthcoming CHUD Video Podcast #2

Tomorrow’s Atlanta Coffee Meet-up

Also: Natalie Portman’s colon, and Orangatits.

Naturally we’re looking for any feedback or ideas you have. What did you see that you liked? What would you like to see that you didn’t? What subjects would you like us to focus on? Let us know on the message board, or in the comments below…

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