Ever since finishing the terrific Mass Effect 2, we’ve all been asking ourselves questions about the inevitable sequel. Will it kick off with a Reaper invasion of Earth, as revealed by the announcement trailer? What gameplay changes can we expect, and will it include multiplayer options? Most importantly, will the Normandy recruits stick around for Shepard’s last mission?

We’re around eight months away from BioWare’s trilogy-ender, and we’re already getting answers to some of these big questions.


According to the new Game Informer (via Eurogamer), here’s what we know so far:

– Mass Effect 3 will begin with Shepard facing trial on Earth as a result of the events in the recent Arrival DLC. Potential super-spoiler: The Reapers invade Earth during the trial.

– Expect deeper RPG elements and character upgrade options, including expanded skill trees and weapon mods. Weapon mods will affect both weapon stats and their physical appearance. (Squeeee!)

– Do not expect any multiplayer.

– The game will feature multiple endings for both “good” and “bad” playthroughs.

– Although it isn’t clear whether or not they’ll be squadmates, returning characters will include Ashley Williams, Liara T’Soni, Garrus, Mordin, Kaidan Alenko, Anderson, and Wrex (!!!). James Sanders, a new character ostensibly related to Kahlee Sanders from the terrible tie-in novels, will also be making an appearance.

– Cerberus wants Shepard dead. Shock!

Are we alone in thinking that Racist In the Year 3000 Ashley and boring-ass Kaidan had the perfect amounts of screen time in Mass Effect 2? Other than that, this is all great news, including the fact that developers won’t waste time shoehorning in multiplayer.

Suit up and prepare to scan Uranus for Eezo (while London quietly burns) this holiday season.