This is a grim time of year.  The big popcorn movies lie ahead, and for some reason the studios believe the more of the film you watch for free, the more likely you’ll be to buy a ticket.

Now, I like to go into movies without having seen 3 minutes here, an opening sequence there, another 10 minutes from the middle. Others thrive on it. I’d love to make a judgment call and say no, I won’t post this clip, you don’t need it.

But it’s a harsh world.  Thor will tell you that. You want it, so I might as well give it to you.

What follows is a clip from Thor.  As I mentioned before, a certain Avenger is making a sizable cameo in the film, and this scene may reveal part of it.   Who else can it be?

And I’ll admit it. I watched it because I had to, but I still had a little thrill seeing it.  But you know where that thrill would have been cooler? The theater!