I didn’t think we had heard the last of The Crow.

Relativity Media announced today that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will be taking over directing duties on the remake. He replaces Stephen Norrington, who dropped out in October due to creative differences. Those differences were with a “big star” interested in playing the lead, who took issue with Nick Cave’s script.

As usual, none of that even matters. There’s no actor attached, and Cave’s script has been tossed.  Relativity will be hiring a new writer soon, and Fresnadillo will “collaboratively develop the script” with that writer.

Fresnadillo is a solid choice, though.   He’s been sort of yanked on and off some big films, such as the Bioshock adaptation, so he hasn’t really gotten another big gig where he can run free with lots of studio money.    He’s got a sharp eye, and I’m certainly slightly more interested in The Crow with a fresh young talent directing it.

But come on, Fresnadillo … don’t you want to, er, “collaboratively develop” a script with Nick Cave?