By now I have to assume everyone who regularly reads this site is at least somewhat familiar with the existence of HBO’s Game of Thrones, the ambitious adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s ambitious Song of Ice and Fire Saga fantasy series. It is a bold project for HBO, and one that some fear may go the way of Rome (imploding under its own expense, despite popularity). I am a fan of Martin’s books, even the wildly uneven Feast For Crows. So I have very high hopes for the series. My decision not to watch the opening of the first episode that HBO has put up on their site is kinda killing me, but I want to wait and watch it properly on my TV in full when it premieres in two weeks.

But I certainly won’t deny any of you the pleasure of viewing it. Feast! And please share your thoughts so I can glean some enjoyment. I’m like the old man in the wheel chair from The Big Sleep who likes to watch other people drink alcohol now that he can’t.

Game of Thrones Exclusive Preview