You’re all winners if you ask me. Actually, you’re not. By hook or crook there’s always people who click onto this site who are piles of problems and worthy of seventeen punches to the nipples. Most of you are great, though! Here’s the next group of folks who have won one of our many, MANY contests:

Las Vegas, Season #2

Robert DiSalvatore, Pennsylvania
J. Wayne Howard, North Carolina
Andrew Beckmann, Illinois

Desperate Housewives

James Hyland, Washington
Ezra Gallo, Indiana
Douglas Richard Eckman, Ohio
Jason Trenton, California
Chris Smith, California
Andrea Hittle, Tennessee
Bill Taylor, North Carolina
Ryan Calvert, Georgia
Kimberly Sheffield, Georgia
Thomas G. O. Forsberg, Georgia

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Shane Aranda, Colorado
Kenneth Flickstein, Texas
Ben Vazquez, Georgia
Joe Jones, Utah
Christopher Culley, Texas
Erik Schmidt, Maine
Mitchell Dunajski, California
Michael Rennick, Georgia
Richard Straceski, New York
Ben Crawford, Florida

Mindhunters (I can’t believe how few got the John Milius question right)

Brian Collins, Maine
Russell Swart, Nevada
Peter Schuyler OA III, New York
Thomas Watson, Texas
Chris Allen, California
Jervoire Hardin, Alabama
Aaron Borum, Oregon
Kevin Ross, New York
Matt Miller, Georgia
Ron Hough, South Carolina

Sharkboy and Lava Girl

Gabriel Figueroa, North Carolina
Sandi Langdon, North Carolina
John Page, Georgia
Andy Alisago, Tennessee
Troy Anderson, Kentucky
Sabina Edwards, Canada
Karen Perez, Illinois
Joseph L. Unger, California
Yolanda Jones, New Jersey
Danny Young, Florida

IPOD NANO & Waiting Gear!

Brian Odle, North Carolina
Sean Duncan, California

…and a TIE!

I’m going to have a local test of wills/creative skirmish between local boys Andrew Sweeney and Steve Murphy to determine the final winner of the last IPOD NANO. Their entries weren’t conclusive enough.

Also, my daughter won the Waiting lunch box by default. She claimed it and simply will not part with it.