The trailer for MTV’s new series Teen Wolf has arrived. I knew the show was going for a less comedic interpretation (we are still in the Twilight era, after all), but I didn’t realize it was abandoning its namesake so entirely. Gone are the puberty allusions, with Michael J. Fox suddenly growing hair in funny places one day. In is the standard werewolf set up, where our unfortunate hero survives an attack from an existing werewolf. Gone is the lovelorn female friend who our hero overlooks for the popular girl. In is a new girl in town. Gone is the werewolf dad who gives his son “the talk.” In is some sexy dude werewolf. Our hero’s best-friend is still named Stiles, but I can’t imagine the guy we see in this trailer surfing on top of a van to the Beach Boys. At least our teen wolf is still playing a sport (basketball swapped for trendier lacrosse). Well, my curiosity for this show took a major nosedive today.

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