I don’t mean to poke too much fun at Gary Oldman for calling the script “great” nearly a dozen times in this Absolute Radio clip, as the man clearly has no desire to spoil a multi-million dollar payday by letting too much slip about what will be one of the most scrutinized productions in history. Despite his reticence to commit to many meaningful comments, his brief interview does get across a few interesting nuggets, with one in particular being of note…

“I’m actually working with Tom Hardy on The Wettest County, that I’m gonna do. So I’m working with him on Tinker [Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy], and then the next one, and then he’s in the next Batman. So it’s the year of Tom Hardy. I have quite a bit to do with Tom in this one….He’s going to be fantastic”.

He also talks about the security that surrounds The Dark Knight Rises script, which includes only being able to read it under lock and key at the production office. That’s fairly standard operating procedure for a production of this scale, but it’s notable enough that even those scripts don’t include pages covering the ending. One can’t not simply read the ending to The Dark Knight Rises, they must be told personally by Christopher Nolan.

“The script… you read in the production office, where’s there locks and various doors. There’s no ending either because he tells you the ending so it doesn’t leak onto the internet. Very tight security.”

Mostly though, he just thinks it’s really really great.

Batman begins in May, and all I can say is that it’s a great, a really great story. It’s a great script. He’s outdone himself from The Dark Knight, it’s fantastic.”

Tidbit after tidbit will come from this production, including at least one or two fairly legitimate-sounding fake synopsis that will escape before a real one finally emerges, despite WB’s best efforts. If they do a good enough job though (and I assure you, they’re working on this), there will be enough bullshit and close-but-not-quite fake information floating around that it will be impossible to separate the two with 100% certainty.

With all this security… maybe wikileaks will get into the movie scooping business. Until then, enjoy the mystery while it lasts. I promise it won’t happen here, but the ruthless horse-race online game means someone is sure to drop some nasty spoilers into a headline somewhere, at some point. It’s both sad, and completely inevitable.

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(via Total Film)