The composition of a score is one of the most important aspects of filmmakings.  I would fight you tooth and nail if you disprove of this theory.  I’ve been a fan of film scores for as long as I’ve remembered, and this column will be devoted to the film, TV, or video game related tracks that have been playing in my mind for the past week.  So sit back, relax, and prepare for some awesome music.

This Week: “Speaking Unto Nations” From the Film The King’s Speech (composed by Alexandre Desplat from the piece by Beethoven)

The Overall Soundtrack: Very British arthouse.  And while there’s nothing particularly wrong with that, don’t expect Hans Zimmer or anything.  But the soundtrack fits the score pretty well, and Alexandre Desplat is a really great composer.  If you’re into that sort of serene and somber music, you’ll probably like this soundtrack.

Why This Track: Because it’s freaking Beethoven.

Used When: The King makes his speech about going to war with Germany.  It’s beautiful, inspiring, and ultimately powerful.  One of my favorite scenes of last year, and easily the best scene in the movie.  There’s a reason they set the backdrop to the Oscar Best Picture nominees to this scene…other than informing everyone of what they already knew, that is.  Also, the piece is used to amazing effect in the final scene of Alex Proyas’ Knowing.

Also See: Knowing, The Ghost Writer, and anything by Beethoven (for this specific track, check out Beethoven’s Second Symphony, 2nd Movement)