In the CHUD Forums, we have quite the lengthy “Who should play General Zod?” thread going.   It’s a great list.  We should all be studio paid for our brilliance.

But we left one guy off, and I’m certainly kicking myself for having not thought of him.

According to Latino Review, Edgar Ramirez is a possible candidate for a villain role in Superman.   Yes, that’s as tenuous a rumor as it sounds, but it’s still an intriguing name to crop up. As El Mayimbe points out, he’s already in good at the studio thanks to his role in Wrath of the Titans.

I’ve been really surprised and disappointed Ramirez didn’t get snapped up for bigger and better parts after Carlos.   I realize he’s still not A-List, but it feels like Hollywood could do better than Wrath of the Titans Superman would be more like it.  (Not that I think geek genre stuff is where a man like Ramirez belongs. But he needs a flashy role and a big payday, and then he’d have his pick of the sexy and mature scripts.)

Obviously, Zod remains the most popular guess for “villain role” though there could certainly be more than one bad guy for Supes to punch.   Still, I like the idea of Ramirez as Zod.   If you saw Carlos (and if you haven’t, you should — don’t let the length daunt you), you know how commanding and icy he can be.  He would be a good pick.  An awesome choice, in the parlance of Zack Snyder.

Consider him added to our wish list.