Note: As a sort of post mortem to the Oscars, I will be covering all 10 of the Best Picture nominees and their trailers. And when I’m done, we can finally all STFU about the Oscars.

So far in our Oscar Trailer showcase, all the trailers have been pretty great. It makes sense, judging how the film’s themselves are also great. And because the movie is great, the trailer should be as well, right? Well, The Kids Are All Right trailer is the one exception to that role.

Now, I still haven’t seen The Kids Are All Right, but something tells me the trailer puts it in a bad light. While a lesbian family dramedy is certainly hard to sell, it’s easy to see that the marketers were focusing more on the “WACKY LESBIAN COMEDY!” aspect of the film (if that aspect is even in there). But what do I know; I still haven’t seen the film. For those who have, tell me; am I spot on about this, or completly off base?

The Kids Are All Right Trailer

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