PEOPLE!I’m supposed to interview David Goyer on Sunday for Blade: Trinity (although that kind of stuff changes on a dime, so don’t quote me on it), but now there’s one question I don’t have to ask him: "How the fuck are you going to remake Soylent Green?"

Even people who haven’t seen Soylent Green know the twist ending – the food is made out of people. I caught this one on TMC a few months back, and while it hasn’t really held up it’s still a reasonable film to sit through. A remake isn’t the worst idea, except for that whole spoiled ending thing.

Goyer’s producing the remake, and he has some ideas on how to deal with this problem: "I will say that the reveal at
the end of the first movie happened at the end of our first act,"
told SciFi Wire. "So the first movie is kind of the first act of our
film, and then it’s about what happens afterwards."

That’s certainly better than what Tim Burton did at the end of his movie based on that other Chuck Heston twistorama, Planet of the Apes. Aperaham Lincoln indeed.