.I am the last guy to talk to in regards to the Wallace and Gromit universe. I never got into it, and it carried over to Chicken Run. I’m in the minority though, and I think there are tons of you dying to get your mitts on a ticket for this film. Multitudes even. These are beloved characters and The Curse of the Were-Rabbit ought to be the icing on your cake if you’re a fan of this stuff.

I haven’t really gotten a gangbusters response to screenings in Mobile, Greensboro, and Knoxville in the past but I’m always up for another go.

Here’s all I ask for you to obtain a pass.

Grab an envelope. Address it to yourself. Fold that sucker. Put a stamp on it. Shove it in an envelope and mail that maelstrom to the address down below after writing in big letters "WALLACE, GROMIT, and _______________" (<—the name of your city).

That’s it.

And so you know, these screenings will occur on the first week of October. I wish you luck in your mailing activities and ask please that you do not stuff hundred dollar bills in there as a Pagan offering unless you really like us.


Mail SASE to:

4915 Camberbridge Dr.
Alpharetta, GA 30022