PIERCEWhat a difference a day or two makes. On Monday I interviewed Pierce Brosnan for this weekend’s After the Sunset, a heist movie. He briefly mentioned that he liked heist films, but when asked what he was doing next he said that he was looking for a job.

No mention, you see, of The Topkapi Affair, a sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair as well a remake of the Peter Ustinov/Maxmillian Schell caper Topkapi. If you don’t remember Topkapi as having anything to do with Thomas Crown, don’t worry, it really doesn’t. But for the sake of sequalizing Brosnan’s hit remake of that Steve McQueen film, the filmmakers will draw on Topkapi as well as the novel that film was based on, The Light of Day. And then they’ll stick Thomas Crown in there. Harley Peyton, who wrote Bandits, will synthesize these three things into something that hopefully will resemble coherence, as Tom Crown somehow gets involved in the theft of a jeweled dagger from an Istanbul museum.

Honestly, my feelings are hurt. I thought that Pierce and I connected. I thought he would open up to me. But now I see he was keeping secrets.