Variety is reporting that Shia LaBeouf is now attached to star in Mandalay Pictures’ adaptation of Joe Hill’s Horns.

For those who haven’t read the novel, it’s about a 26-year old man who wakes up one morning after an intense drinking session with horns on his head. No one can really see them, or if they do they soon forget about them, and people start spilling their darkest secrets to him. What’s even more unsettling is that they start asking for his opinion on various horrible activities they’re thinking of carrying out… and he finds out that they’ll listen to whatever he says.

He uses his newfound powers to get to the bottom of his girlfriend’s unsolved murder, a murder most people in his community believe he was responsible for despite the courts thinking otherwise.

If the adaptation is faithful, we’re going to be seeing a much darker side of LaBeouf than we ever have before.

Joe Hill will executive produce the film. This is the second of his two novels that have been picked up for adaptation, as Warner Brothers recently purchased Heart-Shaped Box.

Good for the man, because Horns is a great novel, as is anything else that the spawn of Stephen King has written. Horns is a very dark story that’s all about loss and what a man must do to find himself after losing everything, and it’ll be interesting to see if LaBeouf can pull it off.