Greetings Los Angeles Fright fans!

When I attended Re-Animator The Musical at the Steve Allen Theater (still running currently), I had the chance to chat with Brian Yuzna, producer of the film Re-Animator, as well as Stuart Gordon’s two subsequent films, From Beyond and Dolls. He is a great, interesting guy, and surprisingly chill considering the demented films he ended up directing himself not long after Dolls. And none more insane than Society, an under-seen film which is infamous among the initiated for its awe-inspiringly grotesque ending.

Well, if you live in or around Los Angeles you can also have a chance to chat with Yuzna this coming Friday (March 18 at midnight). Yuzna will be doing a Q&A after a screening of Society at Friday Night Frights, the horror movie series that Sebastian O’Brien and I program and host at The Cinefamily theater in West Hollywood. Don’t miss your chance to hear Yuzna explain the bedlam on display in his film.

Quoth the Cinefamily blurb of power:

Already a hero in the horror genre for producing films like Re-Animator and From Beyond, Brian Yuzna unleashed the demons locked inside his warped mind at the tail end of the ‘80s with his spectacularly insane directorial debut, Society. Baywatch‘s Billy Warlock stars as a pampered Beverly Hills trust-fund teen whose world is golden, until his sister’s ex gives him an audio tape of what sounds like his family partaking in an incestuous and murderous orgy. Thus begins his journey down a gore-and-goo-lined rabbit hole into the shocking underbelly of ‘high society!’ Society encapsulates all that made the ‘80s a halcyon age for the horror genre; bursting with truly bizarre ideas, the film is a cavalcade of winking satire and social commentary, and culminates in an epically grotesque twenty-minute finale (designed by legendary effects artist Screaming Mad George) that remains one of the genre’s most out-there, boundary-pushing memorable endings — one you will run out and beg all of your friends to later witness.


As always, I am giving away some free tickets (each with a +1) to a few lucky Los Angeles Chewers, as well a one comfy couch to the first place winner. To enter just send an email to with SOCIETY in the subject line, and tell me the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen in a movie. Make sure to include your full name. I will only be contacting the winners.

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