A teaser trailer from Marcus Pathfinder Nispel’s much “anticipated” Conan the Barbarian adaptation, starring monster islander Jason Momoa, has arrived. Woot. I don’t know that anyone around here ever assumed the movie would be any good, but being realistic, we’re probably all going to end up seeing it (if only on DVD/Blu-ray). I guess that technically qualifies as “interest.” I love Conan the character, and adore the John Milius film (I don’t care that it isn’t the most faithful rendition of the Cimmerian).

This teaser is a white hot turd though. It could be hyping a television series. None of the footage we’re teased looks cool or even intriguing, and that projected-on-smoke gimmick doesn’t come off as awesome as I’m sure they thought it did. So far Momoa (he sounds like a beverage they’d serve at Island’s burger chain) and this film are shaping up about how I expected. Poorly.