Hah! Joking.

This poster was created as part of Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo’s SXSW collection, with artwork by Jeff Procter, who must be proud to note that it’s the most graphic poster they’ve ever made. While it’s not quite as stunning as the grindhouse version, it tells you everything you need to know about the film. A pissed-off Rutger Hauer killing people in bloody fashion, sad that doesn’t have enough money to purchase a lawnmower and helping out a hooker (schoolteacher) with a heart of gold.

SXSW will certainly be the perfect place for Hobo, which is a tremendously silly, tremendously gory flick. It’s a blast and will certainly play perfectly to that special kind of audience who loves Troma flicks and can withstand bad acting as long as they know they have a head crushing coming up in the immediate future. Hauer really elevates the material anyway- a few of his one-liners are already in regular use among my peers.

Hobo With a Shotgun will play SXSW on Tuesday March 15 and Wednesday March 16. You can also catch it on VOD, iTunes, Xbox PS3 and Amazon on April 1st, and find it in select theaters on May 6th.

But if this is playing near you, don’t see it at home, folks. Grab yourself a few friends, a bottle of Tenafly Viper and settle in for a helluva time.