With every new home-video medium coming down the technological pike, everyone oohs and ahhs at the marvelous quality of just how crystal clear the image is. (Until the next one shows up, of course.) Naturally a great way to test the visual prowess is to throw in some skin flicks.

Or the next best thing, like The Lickerish Quartet. Not exactly a porno, this 1970 erotic arthouse classic was one of the first movies to push the boundaries of where simulated on-screen sex could go yet retain the coveted R-rating. (Were it an actual porn, it’d have been called The Lickerish Sextit.)

And now you can relive Radley Metzger’s flick on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Cult Epics:

Both editions feature a crisp high-definition transfer with fully saturated color. The extras include a making-of The Lickerish Quartet featurette containing rare footage of Silvana Venturelli, Paulo Turco and Radley Metzger, Giving Voice to the Quartet: location sound vs. dubbed soundtrack, trailers and a montage of cool love scenes produced for international territories where the original was too hot, plus commentary by Metzger and film historian Michael Bowen.

The plot seems like a cross between Poison Ivy and, well, any porno: a rich family sees a hot chick in a porn flick, and then ends up running into her in real life, where she hooks up with everyone. Score! Both versions of the release come loaded with extras, making the price tags of $34.98 (Blu) and $29.98 (DVD) fairly palatable.

The Lickerish Quartet hits stores on April 26th.