.No, this isn’t a chance to win the 11th sequel to Adam, though I envision a contest for that at some point in the site’s steady decline into mediocrity. Speaking of mediocrity, the Atlanta crowd at our screening for The Cave. They made Stephen Wright look downright frantic in comparison. One of my friends remarked that these people (not just our guests but all the people who go to free screenings on such a regular basis) just expect it now and have no enthusiasm for it. It’s sad, really.

But that has nothing to do with Adam-12, a great police show from back in the day starring the legendary Kent McCord and some other people. Apparently Harry Dean Stanton appears in some episodes but it’s highly unlikely that the Butterscotch Stallion will be appearing alongside him here.

Adam-12 was a then rather hard-hitting cop show, but the one thing that always stuck with me was that it was a good mixture of fun and cool and that it introduced me to the magical chin of Kent McCord. Magic, I tell you.

I have a couple of these Season One sets for two lucky Chewers who can ruminate of cop shows for a little while, sort of break down their four favorite polic eshows on television in their lifetime and what made them special. You know, think a little and write a little. Fans of Adam-12, come out of the woodwork. It’s time!

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