STUDIO: Music Video Distributors
MSRP: $9.99

• Blooper Reel
• Ladies Reel

The Pitch

“It’s fourth grade-level comedy meets…well, it doesn’t really meet anything. It’s just fourth grade humor.”

The Humans

Bill Zebub, George is Dead, Scott Fudger, Parker Weller, Fred Dingo, JB the Ogre…I’m just going to stop now.

dirtbags cap 1
City on the Hill High School ‘s biology teacher, Skip Rosenrosen, felt that if he was going to be forced to teach Intelligent Design, the least he could do is look the part.

The Nutshell

Bill Zebub is a 10th year college student who’s trying to get into the pants of some trashy broad, whose boyfriend doesn’t much like Bill hanging around with her. Then there’s this scientist who makes roofies that his friends use to get laid. There’s a fight along the way, and Bill starts to learn that maybe there’s a better way to get women than by drugging them. Basically, there’s just a bunch of set-ups for attempts at humor for about an hour and fifteen minutes. It’s like a sketch show with a theme.

The Package

For features, there’s a blooper reel that is really fucking long (like 15 minutes), and then there’s another 15 minutes of both naked women talking in a hot tub and a scantily clad woman dancing. This is a film that is the definition of amateur, so the video and sound are basically home movie quality.

The Lowdown

There are a couple things I want to get straight about this review. The first is that I think what the makers of this movie want me to do is talk about how offended I was with the film. About how their racist and homophobic jokes are sick and don’t belong. However, that’s what they want to happen. I don’t believe the people who made this film are actual Nazis, but rather want to laugh at the audience for thinking that they are. I think they’re trying to be satirical. The problem on their end rises, though, that if they just spit out some unfunny racist jokes (just saying the words ‘Nigger’ and ‘Homo’ doesn’t automatically make people laugh), and don’t have any positive black or gay characters, then you are being racist, not satirical.

dirtbags cap 2
A photographer’s impression of Harvey Weinstein’s involvement in The Brothers Grimm.

The second point I really want to make
(this applies to all B-Movie filmmakers out there, so please pay attention) is that Ed Wood is indeed something of an icon to a great number of film fans out there, but not for the reasons that many you think. It wasn’t just the fact that he made bad movies, it’s the fact that he tried his absolute hardest to make great cinema, but was completely inept at it. However, his passion, his love for his own films still comes across on screen. This is something that cannot be accomplished by purposefully trying to make a bad film. By definition, it’s impossible to consciously make an ‘Ed Wood’ style bad film. Unfortunately, a lot of amateur and horror filmmakers don’t realize this (there’s even some of them in Hollywood *coughBrianDePalmacough*).

There are a number of scenes in this movie that are so obviously poorly done that you’re completely aware that the actors are basically just winking at the camera. It doesn’t work that way. If your goal the whole time is to make an obviously bad film, then you’re just missing the point.

I wasn’t offended by this film – it wasn’t smart enough to be offensive. It’s just stupid.

0.5 out of 10