What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen? Some of you might mention a specific bit of icky gore from a b-level horror film that you saw last month; others might recall a moment of pouring salt on a snail and watching it curl up and die.

But me? I vividly remember this most disgusting moment. It was the 4th of July, 2007, and I was at the lake with my cousin and her friends. There was a woman of unhealthy girth, in a swimsuit that might have fit thirty years go, plopped down in her lawn chair on the beach, reading a trashy romance novel. It was bad enough that the sun was beating down on her skin and turning her into the kind of shiny that made me wish a bit of shade would come to the rescue. But it wasn’t just the image that disgusted me. It was what it meant.

Too often we see people that read a whole library books and yet can’t tell you much about anything they read. It’s as if the book is simply a piece of food that goes in one way and out the other. Just the same, there are many people who watch movies that leave no impression on them whatsoever. They are no different a person when they finish the movie as when they started.

This, quite frankly, drives me nuts.

I don’t claim to watch a whole bunch of movies. But I actively seek out movies that I think can make an impression on me. They either make me feel, make me think, make me do something different – or all of the above.

I find this a fitting way to start my blogs as I think this is where you’ll understand best where I come from with all my rants. I don’t rant because I have nothing better to do. I rant because I want to somehow nudge the universe a little so that others might not only seek out films that make an impression on them, but that they find ways to let the impression take place.

That, and expect some philosophy from me.