You know you want to see it. Don’t even pretend you don’t.

I have a small stack of passes good for two for the April 5th to the Atlanta sneak preview for Your Highness, the latest David Gordon Green/James Franco/Danny McBride joint. And it looks like a blast, at least if you’re looking at the Red Band Trailer.

I’m going to make this very easy.

Here at CHUD we truly and wholly need your support to continue shoving our foot into the ass of things we kick the ass of. We don’t ask for much. Participate in our forums. Like our shit on Facebook. Retweet us. Spread the word and build the Sewer.

Additionally, we just launched It’s a beautiful place filled with dreams and chocolate. We need the same for that. Please help us out. We want to do this for a long time and there are many more screenings and contests in the queue.

If you agree to be a part of our extended family and help spread the word use the link below and if chosen I will be holding a pass with your name (good for you and a guest) at 6:15 at Atlantic Station. But don’t just click and grab for the free shit. We need ya. We really do.