It took a decade, but Viggo Mortensen has become a hot commodity for genre film.

Mortensen is still in negotiations for Snow White and the Huntsman, but if he should decide to pass, another director wants him to take his call.   According to Heat Vision, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder wants Mortensen to play General Zod in Superman.

(I suspected those Zod denials were too earnest to be anything but a smokescreen. Especially since we know we’re meeting a new Ursa.)

Right now, no talks have taken place, and he is merely at the top of their list. Apparently, Kevin Costner is in a similar state of dream cast.    They’re not the only names in contention, but they are the ones Snyder and Nolan want the most.

I’m actually hoping Mortensen declines Huntsman, and does this.  He spent many, many years in the pre-fame trenches playing villains, and he always turned in sinister and hard performances.  He would be perfect as the cold, cruel, and bored General Zod.  You would indeed be compelled to kneel before him.   If he’s not going to be Roland Deschain, this would be an acceptable substitute over Huntsman, which just sounds like Aragorn redone.

Mortensen is notoriously picky, so I have my doubts I’ll see this happen, but it would be nice to see him cut loose in something unashamedly action packed and mainstream.   Come on movie gods, give me this one!