As I watched this final Sucker Punch trailer between bufferings, I had one thought: “Is there going to be a single cool visual left unspoiled?”

You may share this thought, especially as this new trailer unleashes a slew of new and gorgeous imagery on us.

What it doesn’t give away is the story.  This may be the rare film that has shown us all there is to see, but given not an inkling of how it all ties together. This may change in the coming weeks, as I imagine clips will make their spoilery way onto the Internet, and early reviews will start hitting.    I currently have The Art of Sucker Punch in my possession (soon to be reviewed here!), and I fear this will probably take away the last bits of mystery I’m enjoying.

And I am enjoying the mystery!  It’s fun not knowing a damn thing, and I’m still on board, if only to see what an original Zack Snyder story is like.  Even if it’s one music video (as implied by this trailer), it may be a a solid sensory  experience.