Mmmm.I’m sure there’s a percentage of the population who’s thrilled that the WWE is stretching from “sports entertainment” (i.e., burly sweaty men engaging in homoerotic fake-violence).  At least they selected a delicious Hollywood cupcake to be the eye candy in their first feature film endeavor. 

Lissome hottie Kelly Carlson, the resident psycho/coke fiend/porn star of Nip/Tuck (and who graciously revealed her wonderfully alert nipples in Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation), will co-star in The Marine, the action flick that marks the debut of WWE Films.  The movie stars grappler John Cena as the titular war hero, who returns home from duty only to find it necessary to save his hot blonde chica from kidnappers. 

I have no idea who John Cena is (haven’t witnessed pro wrestling since the heyday of Piper) but apparently he’s known in the ring as the “Doctor of Thuganomics”, which makes the WWE second only to the comic industry in exhausting the supply of cool hero/villain names.  The $15 million flick is currently shooting in Australia under the eye of commercial helmer John Bonito.