Was there ever a period of time when Iggy Pop didn’t look like a grizzled, beef-jerky version of Anthony Kiedis? Either way, you have to admit: the guy has some staying power.

For fans, Shout! Factory is releasing a 4-disc CD set of live, remastered bootleg tracks spanning four decades of his illustrious career. Roadkill Rising: The Bootleg Collection 1977–2009 plays out in chronological order, beginning with live cuts from Pop’s time with The Stooges in the late-70s through his solo career with his hits and covers.

This collection is a part of a series of “official” bootleg releases by Shout! Factory, with the blessing and participation of artists who can now exact a measure of quality control to provide fans with only the best performances, highest quality recordings, and superior packaging with photos and original illustrations.  Previous releases in the series include Emerson Lake & Palmer’s A Time And A Place and Todd Rundgren’s For Lack Of Honest Work.  Several more releases are currently in the works.

Roadkill Rising features tracks recorded all over the world, including major tracks such as “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” “Lust For Life,” “Real Wild Child,” “China Girl,” one of many co-writes with David Bowie. Among the other artists Pop covers here are Them (“Gloria”), The Kinks (“You Really Got Me”), Richard Berry (“Louie, Louie), and The McCoys (“Hang On Sloopy”).

For big fans (and you probably are if you’re going for this collection), if you order the set from Shout! Factory, you can get the previously unreleased concert CD Iggy Pop – Live in San Francisco – November 27, 1979, limited to 400 numbered copies.

Iggy Pop’s Roadkill Rising: The Bootleg Collection 1977–2009 hits stores on May 17th.